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Discover with me the numerous benefits of Yoga Techniques during  the special time of Pregnancy ....


Based on Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Meditation and Yoga Nidra the Elemental yoga programme

provides all the tools necessary to make the special months of pregnancy easier and more enjoyable minimizing

fears, ailments and potential complications.


During pregnancy the body changes continously  while being subject to many additional stresses

and strains experienced on all levels, from the physical level to the mental and the emotional one.

The modern,  mam- to- be is very often, nowdays, a multitasking busy bee. She  works  round the

clock and more often than not, tends to be busy right up to the time of the birth of her baby.

Creating the time to relax and energise is very important, my job is to help you.

At a time when you may feel tired, moody, nauseous, and out of control, a regular prenatal yoga

practice can give you the energy to enjoy your pregnancy, the serenity to build a deeper intimacy

with your own body and spirit, and also the presence of mind to expect the unexpected and be

fully present for the miracle of birth.

 The practice of Yoga techniques is used to both conserve and generate energy, often helping to

forestalling fatigue before it accumulates to any significant degree, a great toolbox for self help

that generates strenght and confidence even past the birth time, when the woman may feel mostly

vulnerable and sometimes against all high expectations even depressed.


The Method

Yoga during pregnancy provides a gentle, rhythmic, non-fatiguing method that works not only muscles to improve their tone, but also the nervous system, and

through the breath it stabilizes  the emotions. The combination of breathing techniques , relaxation techniques and mindfulness will give you the ability to

experience pregnancy positively and feel more in control of yourself and in your relationship to the world.


Learn to cultivate a calm attitude, focused on the present, fully mindful .  In this state of balance pregnancy. It can be a very fruitful time – a time for character

building, and a time for cultivating healthful habits which can be of tremendous benefit not only to you, but through you to your family.


Just as the Earth sustains all life, a mother-to-be provides a life-sustaining environment for her baby and a prenatal

yoga class can create an environment that nurtures the nurturer!!















elementalyoga  Pregnancy Classes

Pregnancy  classes are available through booking only and run as courses of six  weeks.

The programme is taught in small groups or  One to One  

I base the viability of the course on advance bookings so course fees are not refundable.

Class size is min six and max twelve

For the next available dates and locations' details please click on the "classes" page here

 If the course you are looking to join has already started you can most likely join in and

pay from the date you are joining.


Prerequisites are 15+ weeks to start yoga. If in doubt please contact your Midwife or GP

Book here


Bespoke programmes

One to One 

In the comfort of your own house you are taught a personal yoga for pregnancy programme

in one hour session which you can take at a time to suit your needs

elemental Pregnancy Package

Four discounted one to one yoga for pregnancy lessons

Prenatal Yoga Packages with optional Birthing Workshop


 This includes four one to one sessions as well as the  Birth Preparation workshop all delivered in the comfort of your own house.

Please contact me to discuss costs and your needs and requirements

Prenatal Yoga Packages with Birthing Workshop & Prenatal Massage

This includes four one to one sessions,  the  Birth Preparation workshop and a Prenatal Yoga Massage with qualified aromatherapist Caz from

Cazaroma all delivered in the comfort of your own house.

Please contact me to discuss costs and your needs and requirements   here



for Women & their Birthing Partner.



Preparation for Birth with Yoga

in small groups






Feel both more calm and confident, feel empowered.


Learn useful and practical ways that can help with Labour and Birth.

Birthing yoga provides time to explore the basic anatomy of birth, how the labouring woman might want to move, position herself and breathe, and

how her birth partner (man or woman) can help make that easier and more comfortable for her.

Women and their birth partners are shown practical ‘tools’  for working with pain in labour including touch, movement and basic massage....


The workshop consists of two sessions of two hours each.

Part one

Holistic health/medical model

Anatomy & Physiology

The yogic approach



Part two

Labour with Yoga for birthing partners

Basic massage

Informed choices
Aftercare advice



Do I need to have yoga experience to take the elementalyoga Birth Workshop?

Open to anybody, including couples with no previous yoga experience, suitable for mams expecting their first baby,

twins or women that

already had children.A birthing partner is not necessary the father, there may be more than one partner.

Women can also attend on their own and work with another mam or with myself


The Preparation for Birth 's workshops are delivered to small groups  (max six couples)  

Dates and times vary according to demand. To see the next available dates please go back to the 'classes page' here

 to book  for   Birthing Workshops  or to arrange a one to one, please contact me here .











Benefits of yoga during pregnancy


  Yoga is a low-impact exercise. Regular practice of yoga give many benefits

  Improve sleep

  Reduce stress and anxiety Stress 

  Improve circulation.

  Queasiness of morning sickness may decrease.

  Strength, Flexibility and endurance of muscles that are needed for birth  increases

  Muscle strength is maintained or increased through strengthening safe yoga poses.

  Neurological development of your growing baby is enhanced.

  Preterm labor risk is reduced.

  Decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and shortness of breath and other minor ailments

  Decrease the risk of preterm labor, pregnancy-induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction — a condition that slows  

  a baby's growth

  Practicing yoga while pregnant may speed recovery- time after giving birth.

  Stress management and mindfulness strategies can be learned through yoga that will benefit you throughout the entire challenging

transition to       motherhood   and beyond

  Prenatal yoga can also help you meet and bond with other pregnant women and prepare for the stress of being a new parent.

  Yoga offers a terrific opportunity for Self-care.

  Before practicing yoga while pregnant, get your midwife/consultant approval 


Can I practice if..?

















I never practiced yoga before

While it is often not recommended to begin a new exercise regiment during pregnancy, prenatal yoga is an exception. Classes are suitable for both

beginners and experienced yoginis

i am expecting twins is yoga suitable for me?

Yoga is safe for women who expect twins, however, sometimes postures may be modified but because class sizes tend to be much smaller than

other yoga classes  the instructor can offer more individualized attention

I have a bad back is it good to exercise?

Absolutely!! All components of yoga (poses, alignment and breath) can help with a bad back. When the pain is severe, you can use breathing and

relaxation techniques . When the pain is interfering with your sleep you can also use these techniques to help rest and nurture your body.


I have SPD

SPD, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is the name given to pain and mobility problems caused by instability of the pelvis during pregnancy. Women

can be affected by SPD from as early as 15 weeks of pregnancy. This is due to the hormones relaxin and progesterone that naturally loosen   the

ligaments  to make a woman’s pelvis more flexible. This flexibility it is a natural process that occurrs during pregnancy and it allows the baby through

during birth. However, this is even more pronounced for some women and it can result in pain experienced in the front or the back of the pelvis.

SPD  ranges from mild to intense.  When more intense, women will be referred to a physiotherapist to learn how to avoid getting worse while trying

to keep mobile.

In a general class while having SPD can be counter-productive and even dangerous. 

practicing under the guidance of a qualified pre-natal yoga teacher, is recommended by both midwives and prenatal physioytherapists. and can really

help to cope with the symptoms of SPD and even help. One important factor is that the yogic approach encourages you to listen to your body (and

develop a type of attention called mindfulness. This way not only any pose that doesn’t feel right is avoided but you can improve the ability to move

about in everyday situations !!!


I have morning sickness

Women are likely to experience morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy as the hormonal balance of their bodies undergoes enormous

change. This problem usually goes as the pregnancy progresses to the second trimester, however, some women may experience more severe

symptoms and also for a longer period of time. Good news is that  Yoga soothing practices helps you feel more energetic, healthy, calm and

reduces the achesand pains normally associated with pregnancy. The most important concepts are: slow down,

make some time for your self, relax.





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