Yoga for Backs   


-Yoga should now be recommended as a safe and effective treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain  - ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ Nov 1st 2011 and Prof. David Torgerson.                           

Also ‘Spine’ journal March 16th 2012



I am trained and qualified to teach the 12 weeks evidence based

"Healthy Lower Back Programme"

The YHLB programme, a three years trial research, is supported by the University of York and  funded by the Athritis Research UK

For more information on the programme

please contact the YHLB Institute  


or just contact me for a one to one or to put your name down for my next course 


Do expect to feel better.

Yoga can give a sense of well-being that will affect not only your back but other parts of your body, your mind, breathing,

emotions and your life :)