I have known Giulia for some years. My background is Martial Arts - Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. I have studied for more than 20 years and have also studied 5 Rhythems Dance and Yoga.  Giulia is  without doubt one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate teachers of yoga I have ever encountered. The depth of her ability never ceases to amaze me. 

Steve Foy, from West Wales.



Yoga with Giulia has helped me focus on my body and mind during pregnancy, helping me relax physically as well as mentally.  The combination of movements, breathing exercises and intensive relaxation techniques has provided me with an instant stress relief and helps me filter out the unnecessary everyday stresses which has proved invaluable during this period of my life.  This is my second child and I am convinced that practising yoga while pregnant with my first contributed to a relatively uncomplicated, enjoyable and drug-free birth.( Ceri P.)



Testimonial for Giulia Terrile – Yoga.


Being an older woman, who had never done much exercise in the past, I was nervous of starting Yoga. I could never get myself into any of “those shapes”. I needed to do some form of gentle exercise though as I was beginning to get some problems with my health and well-being.I needn’t have worried – Giulia put me at ease immediately, and ensured that what I did I was capable of doing, encouraging me to go a step further each time.

Within 6 months, from having difficulty walking, I was almost back to my normal self – feeling and looking so much better. I had more confidence, and more energy. But it has been important to keep up the good work; it’s never a quick fix, and it does also depend on you – on how determined you are to improve the quality of your life. Giulia gave me the support and encouragement, the skills and the confidence to carry on to help myself. I can’t thank her enough.


Yoga for Healthy Backs


"I suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower back 20 years ago; since then I have experienced frequent 'flare-ups' and bouts of chronic pain. I have seen physiotherapists, GPs, osteopaths and I even joined a gym in order to develop good 'lower back' health. I saw a newspaper cutting for the course 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' and enrolled, initially with some reservations - after years of trying to control the pain I was uncertain that this would work, but I firmly believe that a positive approach is essential and so I went with an open mind. 

What a difference it has made! Giulia has been amazing - not only did she fully understand the limitations of people with lower back pain, she provided empathy and patience, and gave practical and physical advice throughout; her knowledge of physiology is incredible. My back has become stronger and more resilient after 12 week's of yoga -  I have done a great deal of long-distance travelling by car recently, an activity which has consistently triggered periods of pain. I am overjoyed that there has been no pain at all, not even after 5 hours in one journey! The only thing that has happened during this time is the yoga course and I am totally convinced that this is responsible for my improved physical health. But Giulia did not only focus on the physical - she taught us the importance of relaxation and calmness, and the need for a holistic approach to maintain good health and wellbeing. I am immensely grateful to her for her empathy and encouragement - she was always eager to suggest an alternative if a member found a posture too strong, whilst allowing those who were ready to progress to the next sequence. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who has suffered with low back pain - it has made a huge difference to my own pain - thank you, Giulia, and thank you to the experts who originally had the convictions to create and provide the course!" (Yoga for Healthy Backs 12 weeks programme, Margaret T)


Yoga for pregnancy and preparation for birth...


I started attending pregnancy yoga classes in my second trimester and immediately felt the benefits of the classes. Firstly, I found the relaxation techniques were incredibly beneficial. As a full time teacher, I found it difficult to overcome stressful times during my working day whilst pregnant. The breathing techniques we learned in class enabled me to respond better to these circumstances and to switch off at the end of long and intense working days. My husband was struggling with insomnia at the time and started to use yoga nidra as a sleep aid. We both still use these techniques now to relax and during skin to skin time to calm our baby.
The classes also enabled me to build up my physical strength. I am asthmatic and found many forms of exercise difficult during pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga gave me a daily routine to strengthen key areas of my body for birth and pregnancy and I believe contributed towards the good health I experienced throughout my pregnancy.
The support I received in class from Guilia and the other participants impacted my well-being. It was so good to meet other women at a similar stage in their pregnancy, to ask questions and to share experiences. Guilia is not only a yoga teacher, but a supportive and experienced Mum herself and I gained so much confidence from just discussing any concerns I had with her. It is clear that she loves what she does and this makes all the difference when you are facing such a life changing moment in your life.

My husband and I decided to attend the birthing workshop at 34 weeks. This was the first time we had considered the options available to us during labour and Guilia explained, not only the processes involved, but also how this would impact me, our baby and various choices after birth for caring and feeding her. This enabled us to make some informed choices and to ask important questions when attending the NHS antenatal classes. We used the information in the birthing workshop to draw up a birth plan, which became crucial in our experience. My husband found this especially helpful, as he gained information about birth that he had not thought to ask about. As a result, he felt far more involved when putting together the birth plan, which helped him to make our wishes known when I wasn't able to during labour.
Guilia also taught us a range of positions and movements that could be used during labour. We practised these in out own time at home before the birth and used a few of them during labour. These exercises helped me to stay active and to avoid using medication in the early stages of labour. It also gave my husband an active role during this stage and enabled us both to stay calm and controlled. 
We also used yogic breathing during this time and throughout the final stages. This not only helped me to manage the contractions, but also helped me to make the best use of the 'gas and air'. 
Strengthening my pelvic floor muscles during classes and in home practise meant that I found pushing more effective and I am sure this contributed to a quick final stage. 
Our beautiful daughter was born naturally, using only 'gas and air' and water and we are so pleased that we made the decision to attend Giulia's workshop, as this helped us to make decisions in birth that meant it was as natural as possible. Our baby has taken to breastfeeding quickly and fairly easily and she is generally calm and content. We are sure that, not only the calm and natural birth, but also the breathing and relaxation techniques in pregnancy, have contributed to this. Many of the skills we've learned in the classes and birthing workshop are skills for life and we apply them when calming and caring for our baby. 


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006-2007, and took up yoga on recommendation. I regret to say I gave it up shortly afterwards due to the pressures of work, despite the benefits it started to give me in terms of mobility, flexibility and managing my levels of fatigue.

A couple of years ago, I reduced the hours I was working as the demands of work and my condition was impacting my enjoyment of life. The family was involved in a lot of hill walking, which I could not involve myself in for 10 years as it was too tiring and disheartening.

I still hadn’t gone back to yoga until the family were talking about a holiday to Canada in August 2016. I was seriously worried about keeping up with my husband and daughters in what we had hoped to be a wonderful holiday, so I took the opportunity to join Guila’s beginners class in November 2015.

I threw myself into the sessions and practised religiously the postures and breathing techniques in my own time. I committed myself to a regular, low-impact exercise routine that gradually built my physical and mental strength, and with that my confidence increased.

The real test came in Canada, when we went to Lake Louise. I was faced with a three-hour uphill walk, an elevation gain of 1,300 feet, and a final destination 7,500 feet above sea level. I knew that the mental and physical discipline of yoga had given me the tools I needed to broaden the limits of what I could do.  Therefore, I tackled it in the same way I tackled yoga; I went at my own pace, I concentrated on my breathing techniques, I rested as and when I needed it.

When I had reached the top beside my family, I shed a few tears in the realisation that I had done something that I hadn’t had the confidence to do in a decade, and Giulia’s yoga had played a major role in that.

Megan Russell