Set your mental tone for the day with some morning Yoga practice.


Set your mental tone for the day with some morning Yoga practice.

Practicing  Yoga and meditation in the morning is a great way to start the day, warm and wake the body up and set the mental tone for day.

With the morning practice we tune into the breath and shake the stiffness out from our joints and muscles freeing our bodies off the toxins our organs have processed through the night as we beautifully wake the body up, ready to shine for the day.

Start little

To start with, it does not have to be a long practice, even five minutes or so before getting dressed and having breakfast - this done regularly will help us to establish a routine, and once we get used to the incredible feelings of wellbeing and happiness that a daily practice brings, we’ll naturally crave for more.

The most important fact is that in the morning when the world is just waking up, we have the ability to focus the mind, and when we direct our mind to ourselves we increase our self-awareness too. This heightened state will help us to remain focused on our priorities during the whole day, minimising the way life’s events affects us, taking the time we need, eating more healthily and generally staying more positive and full of grit.

Research showsYoga in the morning helps metabolism and improves digestion, while stimulating the production of cortisol which helps to regulate production of melatonin and sleep and wake’s rhythm.

Our “heightened awareness” that results from yoga and mindfulness does also help us to identify, by the way we are feeling when we wake up, if what we ate the previous day was good for us.

The “uplifted sensation” also comes from an increased production of endorphins which naturally makes us feel happier and will influence our decision making power and consequentely the way we relate to the world and others.

To practice Yoga in the morning is an excellent way to win over the tendency to procrastinate, build up energy and feel charged for the whole day.